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flat-circle-orange-joomla-logo-s.png vQuiz 2.9.11


vquiz Quickly add Trivia, Personality Quizzes, Surveys and Polls to your site with vQuiz


  • Evaluation- Quizzes, surveys and different test are ....

flat-circle-orange-joomla-logo-s.png vDesigner for VirtueMart3 2.0.0


vdesignervDesigner for Virtuemart is a designing or printing tool built for Virtuemart Shopping cart extension.

With the help of this designing or printing ....

flat-circle-orange-joomla-logo-s.png HexData Bundle 1.1.0


hexdata HexData is an import / export tool based on Joomla CMS. It provides you a very simple and flexible way to add / update data to your Website.

It also allows you ....

flat-circle-orange-joomla-logo-s.png vData 2.9.29



All-in-One Tool for Data Management”

vData’s intuitive and user-friendly user interface enables you to Energize Database Management in ..

flat-circle-orange-joomla-logo-s.png vMap 1.0.1



vMap Component is a uniquely designed Joomla Extension that allows you to put your listings on Google Map.

It provides you a very simple and flexible way to ....

flat-circle-orange-joomla-logo-s.png vRestaurant 1.0.3



In today’s competitive world where everything is being sold and previewed over the web, it is really important to have the best in your ....

flat-circle-orange-joomla-logo-s.png vReview 1.9.10



vReview is a powerful, features rich, easy to use Joomla Review System for Joomla!.

vReview is a complete Ajax based Rate, Review or commenting ....

flat-circle-orange-joomla-logo-s.png vChart 2.9.23


vchart vChart is an advanced charting Joomla component that fulfills any data visualization need. It contains a lot of customizing options and a very simple and intuitive data ....

flat-circle-orange-joomla-logo-s.png vAccount



vAccount is a tool to take care all of your accounting needs. vAccount keeps track of your daily, weekly, monthly and yearly income and expenses in a single ....