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flat-circle-orange-joomla-logo-s.png Fixed Float Scrolling 1.6


fixed-float-scrolling A light system type plugin for Joomla that will help you position sticky/fixed any html element (div, p etc ) while ....

flat-circle-orange-joomla-logo-s.png Google Drive Chooser 1.7


google-drive-chooser A great tool to use Google Drive as Media File Manager for Joomla.

If you’re a Google Drive user and at the same time ....

flat-circle-orange-joomla-logo-s.png CBX Like 2.8


cblike Standalone Like System is an excellent 3-in-one (Component, Plugin and Module) bundle extension that is very simple to implement and easy to ....

flat-circle-orange-joomla-logo-s.png CBX Admin Branding 1.2



CBX Admin Branding Allows You to Easily Customize all the Default Style of Joomla Admin Section and Login Screen.

Add your ....

flat-circle-orange-joomla-logo-s.png My Social Timeline 7.4


my-social-timeline An unique Joomla Component which show latest updates from all major social networks in Facebook like timeline fashion (and other layout ..

flat-circle-orange-joomla-logo-s.png CBX Dropbox File Chooser for Joomla Editor 1.6


dropbox-chooser A great tool to use Dropbox as Media File Manager for Joomla. If you’re a Dropbox user and at the same time Joomla enthusiast with this ....

flat-circle-orange-joomla-logo-s.png Admin Branding Reloaded 2.2 1.5


adminThose who are familiar with WordPress may know of login branding plugin for WordPress but there are none for Joomla. ..

flat-circle-orange-joomla-logo-s.png Fixed Vertical Module Position 5.0


verticalmodule Freedom to Position Any Module Anywhere A simple and neat plugin to load vertical button by module id(s) and module ....

flat-circle-orange-joomla-logo-s.png Flexible Tweet Display 2.5


codeboxr A Futuristic Twitter Display within Joomla. Flexible, Responsible and Easy to Use.

All your twitter personal account or ....

flat-circle-orange-joomla-logo-s.png Open Graph Protocol 2.14



Make Your Site Open Graph Protocol Compatible in a Matter of Clicks

After activating this Component and Plugin your site is Open Graph ....

flat-circle-orange-joomla-logo-s.png Vine Video Embed with Shortcode 1.4


codeboxr Display Your Favorite Vine Videos in Module Position or With Content Easily Freedom to use any Vine Video anywhere using simple ....