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flat-circle-orange-joomla-logo-s.png PH Cloud 1.4.9


phcloudEmails, files, calendars & contacts from a single view. Host and Access your data with a Joomla! site.

...this is your office on the cloud

flat-circle-orange-joomla-logo-s.png SP Mail Client 1.4.1



SP Mail Client is a webmail standards-based Joomla! extension, with your site's template-like user interface. It ....

flat-circle-orange-joomla-logo-s.png SP Staging 5.4.3 HOT



Here comes the only Joomla! tool that is a Remote Extensions Manager and Monitor Tool.

From one place monitor ....

flat-circle-orange-joomla-logo-s.png SP Transfer 4.0.6 HOT


sptransfer SP Transfer is a tool that is able to transfer various items between Joomla! databases, or even duplicate items within the same Joomla! database.

It indeed simulate a 'mass' ....

flat-circle-orange-joomla-logo-s.png SP Upgrade 4.2.1 5.0.2 HOT


upgradeMigrate your old Joomla sites with the best, most popular, used on thousands of sites already, by thousands of satisfied users, component ....

flat-circle-orange-joomla-logo-s.png SP Expense Manager 1.0.3


sp-expense-managerA Joomla! package that helps you log and track your expenses and keep an eye on your accounts ....