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  • Multiple AccountsAdd and manage multiple WhatsApp Accounts easily!
  • That will help you to show multiple operators for multiple departments.
  • Editable Account Text and IconsChange the title, description and icons of every account.
  • Personalize each account with custom icons text and description!Online and Offline AccountsEnable or disable an account just via module back-end.
  • If an account is offline it will be shown with working hours.2 different themes, unlimited color optionsThere are 2 themes ready which you can customize easily!
  • Extension can be used as a single button or window with multiple accounts. You can set each theme just with a select at module back-end.Easy to use in contentDo you want to use module in content? You can do that easily!
  • Just change theme to In Content and release the module in a custom postion in content anytime!
  • Fixed PositionsDo you want to show the click to chat button as a fixed element?
  • You can show at left bottom or right bottom of your website easily!
  • Mobile Devices TestedWhatsapp Premium is 100% Mobile Friendly and tested on several devices

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