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vquiz Quickly add Trivia, Personality Quizzes, Surveys and Polls to your site with vQuiz


  • Evaluation- Quizzes, surveys and different test are offered by vQuiz and can be used for evaluation on different criteria.
  • Questions & Answers at Random- Repetitive questions can never hold player’s interest; hence vQuiz provides you the facility to publish questions as well as answers in sequence you want or even randomly in sets where none of the question gets repeated.
  • Assigning time & weightage- Authorizes you to define timelines/weightage to the test as a whole or even different timing/weightage to questions individually based on their complexity.
  • Certificate- Last but not the least Certificate/results can be generated to evaluate and display the score obtained in any of the 3 ways – a) Score Card on screen b) Certificate to email instantly c) Certificate manually by admin.

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