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flat-circle-orange-joomla-logo-s.png WidgetFactory addon for jReviews v3


jreviews-widgetfactoryYou've built an amazing looking website, packed with wonderful features.

Now you want to take it a step further. You want your site to be the ....

flat-circle-orange-joomla-logo-s.png PaidListings addon for jReviews v3


jreviews-paidlistingsThe Paid Listings add-on allows you to accept payments for submission of paid listings as well as listing upgrades.

Use it for classifieds, real ....

flat-circle-orange-joomla-logo-s.png GeoMaps addon for jReviews v3


jreviews-geomapsGeoMaps delivers an amazing implementation of the Google Maps experience right on your website so you can keep your visitors on your site.

We've made ....

flat-circle-orange-joomla-logo-s.png MyLists addon for jReviews v3


jreviews-mylistsThe MyLists Add-on for JReviews allows site owners to create predefined lists into which users can add listings (Favorites, Wishlist, ....

flat-circle-orange-joomla-logo-s.png UserProfiles addon for jReviews v3


addon-user-profilesThe UserProfiles Add-on transforms a JReviews directory into a fully functional profile system that takes advantage of all the powerful features in JReviews ..

flat-circle-orange-joomla-logo-s.png Import addon for jReviews v3


jreviews-importThe Import Add-on is so versatile that you can use it not only to import NEW listings, but also to UPDATE existing ones.

Both Import and Export jobs are ..

flat-circle-orange-joomla-logo-s.png OSWistia PRO 1.3.6



OSWistia allows you to embed Wistia videos simply by copying-and-pasting a video ID from Wistia.

Not only is OSWistia easy to use, but it ....

flat-circle-orange-joomla-logo-s.png Bold EasyMagz 1.0.0



flat-circle-orange-joomla-logo-s.png JS Ultimate Social Share 2.7.5


JS Ultimate Social ShareIf you’re looking for a customizable, easy-to-use Joomla! social plugin that won’t ....

flat-circle-orange-joomla-logo-s.png ProjectSpoon PRO 1.0.0 BETA1


projectspoon-pro The most flexible, customisable, modular, open-source Project Management extension for Joomla!

Currently, there are 14 additional ....

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